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Water Rescue
Monday, May 9, 2016

Photo By: T Jester
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Photo By: T Jester
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Bringing on board
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Photo By: T Jester
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Fishing boat that found the couple
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Capt. Dave Brown
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Coming in
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Deese and Bennett
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Loading in A-89
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Helicopter Pilot and Medic
Photo By: T Jester
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Trooper 2
Photo By: T Jester
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In water
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Capsized boat
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The Memorial Fire Co. of Slaughter Beach was dispatched at 12:01pm for a water rescue with subjects in the water. Lewes, Bowers and South Bowers rescue boats plus the Dsp Helicopter Trooper 2, Sussex County Paramedics and the Del. Air Rescue Team in Dsp Helicopter Trooper 5 also responded. With Slaughter Beach Fire Boat not in service Chief Terry Jester requested the services from the Delaware Bay Launch Service for the use of one of their boats to perform the rescue. Captain Dave Brown had the boat "Big Stone Express" ready when the rescue crew arrived. With Trooper 2 being the first on scene they threw a life ring to one victim to hold on too and the other victim had been pulled into a passing fishing boat. When the Big Stone Express arrived to the capsized boat the rescuers got into the water to help the second victim get onto the boat. Once both victims were on the rescue boat they headed to the dock with 2 people in hypothermia. The Emt aboard helped the patients until they got back to the dock where Ambulances from Slaughter Beach, Milford and Milton were waiting. The training and teamwork from Del. Bay Launch Service, Fire, Ems, Paramedics and Dsp Helicopters made this outcome a success.

Story By: Terry Jester

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